Meditation is a universal spiritual wisdom. A practice rather than just a theory, it is found at the heart of all the great religious traditions, back as far as the aboriginal culture of Australia forty thousand years ago.

Its essential insight is that the most human aspects in the journey of life: truth, love, joy, peace compassion and wisdom, are there to be found within ourselves. To discover this inner reality it is necessary to come to clarity, to calm the mind and emotions – and to “descend” into the heart, the deeper level of consciousness where we remain awake in silence, undisturbed by the images of conflicting ideas and desires. The universal human wisdom teaches us that the way to this is simple – but not easy.

The essence of meditation is sitting still and learning to recite, from beginning until the end of your meditation, a word that is called in some traditions a mantra. The essential teaching of meditation is contained in the three words: say your mantra. For people starting it can be difficult to believe that there is anything very significant in sitting still, closing your eyes lightly and just reciting one word. You have to take that on faith when you begin.

Saying the mantra is simply our beginning on the path of selfless attention, turning the searchlight of consciousness off ourselves, leaving all limited, distorted perceptions behind.

In meditation we are not just seeking for immediate and limited goals. We set out to realise our total potential. For example, we are not just learning to concentrate, to be silent or relax. Meditation is well described as the way of self realisation and that means realising our total capacity. We are seeking to go from the periphery of limited goals to the centre, to the heart.

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