David Wood - Prefaces to Meditation

David Wood was an Anglican priest who lived and worked amongst declining industrial communities in Northern England organising and leading retreats and vigils of prayer, always exploring silence and solitude. When he met John Main’s teaching in 1988, after searching wilderness years, he simply knew he was ‘home’. With his wife Sheila he then worked to build up the Christian Meditation Community in Cumbria and he served as a founding trustee, and Chair, of the UK community’s charity..

His recorded talks Aspects of the Spiritual Life (2008) are introductions to meditation and are available a two CD set from Good News Books with the first CD is a download here.  In 2010 and 2011 he recorded Prefaces to Meditation, a series of short thoughts that are suitable for groups meditating in the John Main tradition which were shared within the Christian Meditation community in Cumbria.  Sheila Wood has kindly made these available to the wider community under Open source Licence.  They can be played from the website or downloaded as mp4 files.  A transcript of the recordings is also available for download.

Prefaces to Meditation 2010

 1. Greenness  
 2. Love your wounds  
 3. My friend-the Ego  
 4. Becoming Real  
 5. You - It's Personal  
 6. A Jewish Story  
 7. The Secret Silence-Absence   
becoming present  
 8. I learn at every moment  
 9. A greeting-Hiya  
 10. Contradictions  
 11. Cool cool  
 12. Simplicity  


 Transcript of recordings


Prefaces to Meditation 2011

 13. The Way of Simplicity  
 14. Coddling  
 15. Jade  
 16. On Being Vulnerable  
 17. It's Meaningless!  
 18. The Gift  
 19. The Dark  
 20. Multiple Overwhelmings  
 21. The End of the War is in Sight  
 22. Aspects of Maturity  
 23. Choosing Joy  
 24. Trust the Silence  


 Transcript of recordings