1710 Online Meditators 640x375… Or not? Have you thought about joining an Online Meditation session and then responded to yourself that it isn’t for you, or that it isn’t proper meditation? Or that you’d feel silly or odd? Or you couldn’t fit in with the times? Or any other reason? Let me tell you that I have had all these thoughts. However, because I’m part of the leadership team in the UK I thought I should give it a go, just to see what it was all about, so that I could talk to others about it. And then, after the first session, I am an advocate. I’m hooked. I love it. It enriches my meditation times. Someone else manages the timer and I just have to enter the relevant Chapel and listen, then switch off my microphone and meditate. I can join in with some coffee time chat after the 30 minutes of prescribed time (introductory reading and prayer; meditation 25 minutes; closing reading and prayer) which sometimes I do, but mostly, I just carry on with my day as before.

You may think that the process is too difficult for you. May I suggest you just give it a go? Initially there are a couple of basic steps to go through, but the guidance notes are now developed and there are people to talk to if you run into a bit of bother. All you have to do is go to www.wccm-usa.org/chapel. And when you have gone through the initial process, you will have the tools to get in easily the next time. For laptops and desktop computers, it is via a bookmarked page; for tablets and smartphones it is via an App. There is also a calendar that shows you (in UK local time) which groups are meeting when. I haven’t yet stayed up to join the Canadian or American groups which meet around midnight but I may do someday.

So give it a try – and I expect you’ll make new friends. I met a lovely lady called Nancy who lives in Nevada when I helped her out with a problem, which we resolved speedily, and then had a very nice conversation about ourselves. Who knows, perhaps I’ll meet her in person one day.

Roz Stockley