soundcloudDid you miss a favourite speaker?  Are you are looking for copies of the group CDs or recordings of talks and retreat reflections?  These resources are available on the WCCM SoundCloud and there is a list of the group CDs giving easy access to the audio and accompanying notes.

You can listen online using your browser or on your phone or tablet by downloading the SoundCloud app. You can download many of the tracks for listening offline, perhaps with your meditation group.

How to Download

These are instructions for downloading the recent ‘Cloud of Unknowing’ meditation CDs.  It should work for any SoundCloud track that has the download permission set. 

As an example, this process is used to download the meditation CDs for use in a meditation group: first to a PC and then copied onto a tablet for the group or an MP3 player for personal use.  This is written for downloading CDs onto a PC and an Android tablet. The instructions for a Mac or iPad may be different.

  1. Navigate to the list of the group CDs (or the WCCM SoundCloud).

  2. On the Meditatio CD page scroll down to the CD set you are looking for and click on Listen/Download  which will take you to the Soundcloud link, eg. the Cloud of Unknowing CD. (Note that if you click on the Download side of Read/Download you can download a transcript of the talks in a booklet.)

  3. soundcloud downloadHover your mouse over the track you want to download and you will see three symbols, a heart, two arrows, and three dots. Click on the three dots to show Download:

  4. Click on download.  You may be asked if you want to download the SoundCloud app but you do not need to.  If this is the first time you download you will be asked to sign in or create an account.  If you have a Facebook or Google account you can use those, and the site will explain what information is shared and ask you to confirm that it’s OK.  Alternatively you can set up a free SoundCloud account.  Sign in to whichever account you choose.

  5. Depending on your browser settings, you should either get a window asking if you want to save or open the file (choose save) or it will save the file automatically.  If you can’t work out where it has been saved, Ctrl-J in your browser should bring up a list of downloaded files.

You may be able to save direct to an Android tablet and the instructions are the same you request the desktop site (the menu accessed from the 3 vertical dots at the right hand end of the url bar).  In tablet mode (ie not the desktop site) you can play the talk but not download.  When it is playing there is a link near the bottom (Get it on Google Play button) that lets you can add the Soundcloud app to your tablet so you can download direct to your tablet, and there are apps for an iPad too. The Android app has a ‘free’ version which only allows streaming and a ‘Go’ version that allows downloads but has a monthly charge.  You do not need the apps, you can use your browser.

When you have downloaded the tracks and copied them to your tablet or player you can either just select and play them in your group meeting or use your media player app to set up a playlist for the group meeting with your chosen music, the talk and a timer track. 

Andy Goddard