We are a small part of a worldwide, contemporary, contemplative community, offering meditation in the Christian tradition.

We welcome all who come - from any denomination or faith, or none.
Meditation is present within all the main faith traditions – and outside them. It is part of universal human wisdom.
Within Christianity, the practice is first described in writing by the Desert Fathers in the fourth century.
We see sitting in silence and stillness as a way of being present to ourselves, and of being open to the presence of the Spirit within each of us. It is a path of contemplative prayer for all. One way of practicing mindfulness, of living in the present moment. Space for the soul to breathe.
Patrons of WCCM include Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Rowan Williams, and the Dalai Lama. 

Meditation is simple, but it is not easy. It is suitable for most of us - it is practised by bankers and yoga teachers, by prisoners and pensioners, by dockers and academics. Most of us who follow a regular practice welcome the support and encouragement of a weekly group, where we find, perhaps surprisingly, that silent meditation builds community.

There are over 2,100 such groups worldwide, 400 in the UK, and 20 in this region.

Children love meditation and so far it is being offered at five primary schools in this region.

We have occasional introductory days, retreats, or other events. Please take a look at the "What's On" page or the box to the right of this article to find out about local events.

For information about local groups and events email bristol@christianmeditation.org.uk

For phone enquiries, call 01275 463727.

Visit our website or find us on Facebook at Bristol & Bath Christian Meditation.

For lots more information about Christian meditation go to our community’s main international site www.wccm.org, or to our UK site  www.christianmeditation.org.uk