"As we make this journey and share it with others we enter the truth that reality is not a final achievement but is a dynamic experience of the passing from self to the other.”

John Main

Having experienced a new depth in our lives through Christian meditation, sharing the gift with others is a natural expression of the love we have received and so we welcome everyone who would like to give a gift of their time.

There is one essential ingredient that enables WCCM to keep sharing the gift of meditation across the UK – YOU. Without the support of meditators across the UK we simply would not, could not exist. 

Perhaps you have a gift, or skill you could offer to the community either as an on-going role or an occasional helping hand on a specific project or event. Whether it be administrative or technical, sharing meditation with your local community, school or prison, offering a helping hand at an event or running your own local meditation event, or even making gifts for WCCM to sell at community events, please do get in touch and let us know how you would like to help the community share the gift of silent attention.